Sammons-Thomas-150223-1705-fave-final Real Estate & Living Trusts: Practical Flat fee Solutions

I handle real estate, estate planning,  living trusts and probate cases in the Chicago area and most matters are flat-fee, so clients avoid the uncertainty of hourly billing.

Real Estate

My office handles residential and commercial real estate matters in the city and suburbs. I’ve handled thousands of closings since 1985 and I know the ins and outs of closings, how to prevent problems, and how to make your closing as painless as possible. I also handle small business formation, like LLCs and series LLC formation for real estate investors.

Technology to the rescue

We make use of the latest technology to make things easy for our clients. Every client can use an extranet program that we set up, free of charge, to stay up date. Phone and office appointments can be set up 24 hours a day online or by calling the office during business hours at 847 359 9610.

Living Trusts

Living Trusts avoid probate and protect against disability.  Most clients choose to use a living trust for their estate planning. As with most matters, I charge a flat fee and, most importantly, I help clients properly fund the living trust in a meeting after the trust is signed so that the trust works correctly. Start here by filling out the estate planning information form


How our 3 step living trust process works

The video describes how we prepare living trusts for our clients:

Meeting 1: A phone or office meeting to gather information and go over the terms of the trust.

Meeting 2:  In the  second meeting, the trust is signed and pdfs are created, stored and originals are given to the client in a trust binder. We offer home visits in the evening by a paralegal to sign the trust after hours, if needed. We go over the trust online in a video conference before signing it to explain the terms before you sign it.

Meeting 3: We have a trust “funding” meeting to fill out change of beneficiary forms and other forms needed to retitle assets to the trust.

We don’t always need three meetings, but this is the general format and it’s worked so far!

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What clients say:

“Before I chose Tom, I talked to a number of other estate planning attorneys. Tom’s prices were extremely reasonable which was a major part of my decision. Also based on the great information on Tom’s website and subsequent conversations with Tom I was able to get comfortable with the details around creating a trust.”

Noah P.

“Tom is a very tech savvy attorney who made my real transaction an easy task using basecamp. His office was very responsive and returned all my calls on time. He made the closing process easy and ensured my interests were taken care of.”

Ramnath C.